Friday, May 14, 2010

Its been awhile...

okie dokie.....sorrry.. it´s been like, what, a month or so since I´ve written on here. Let´s see... everything is going well. We have our circiut assembly coming up here the 29th and 30th of may and right before that our circuit pioneer meeting. And before that we are making plans to go tour and eat lunch at the branch here before it closes. My bible study Raquel is gonna come and Cayli´s got her´s coming too....I had a nice experience on the way to one of our far territories. Me and a sister were walking next to a girl returning from school....I asked her if she would like to read a magazine, she said yes and then I thought that was it but know she asks so where are you guys going...down the road I tell her...oh she´says well we can walk together, because thats where Im going we can i thought to myself..I like this girl...she´s not shy like many of the girls we kept chatting.... i asked her if she had ever talked with Jehovah´s Witnesses...she said yea some had stopped by before... I asked her what she thought about them or us....she says....happy...then she grabs the my book of bible story book from my hand...she said wow..what´s this...this is nice...i said its one of our publications...but i told her that that one i had already told someone i would give it to them...but i pulled out a bible teach this one can be yours...she smiled...she liked that...and i asked her if shed like to study and she said yes...only thing thats been hard is i havnt been able to find her again...sooo well if i dont find her again a seed has been planted. well gotta go...bye to everyone!! See you all soon...July 1st I´ll be back.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Funny experience

ok so this was an experience of two local sisters that were out in service from our congregation. They were in a territory that we work like every couple of months or so and they go up to a house of a family that is known to be rude to the witnesses...the same old man is there and invites them in the house to sit down out of the heat and all...and he starts in on them..saying "you guys dont even believe in Jesus and how is it that they can be witnesses of Jehovah if you havn´t even seen him?"...meanwhile the wife chimes in with her the sisters show him in Isaiah that Jehovah would have witnesses for his name...then the man asked another question...(by the way he´s Born Again) to him Jesus is God...."so why are you witnesses, how did you become JWs?"  They respond..."well...some Jehovah´s witnesses came to our door and preached to us."  He responds..."well we preach too."  Then one of the sisters says: "Well I have never had a Born Again come preach to me".. then the man asks (trying to take control of the conversation).."so what are you going to tell Jesus when he comes back to judge?"......The sister says: "I guess I´ll tell him, I´m sorry Lord, but the Born Agains never preached to me.¨ And there was no response...he remained quiet.

Monday, March 22, 2010

For those who want to check out Nicaragua

Hola y Hello a todos! Ok so the day i come back is july if there is anyone that wants to check out a foreign country and does not want to spend a lot of money...there is room for one more in our house to come and check out what it´s like to serve where the need is great...let me me...

sarah minner

Monday, March 15, 2010

Raquels first talk!

This is Raquels first talk. She did great, didnt even need her notes...shes one of my Bible students, had studied for quite some time and then entered the school....which was hard for her because she is taking a class all the way in Managua and the class is on saturdays when we have our meeting at 2:30 but shes working on arranging her schedule to make sure she is there for all her meetings.....I didnt go to the meeting this saturday since i was sick but she was there and on hopefully everything is in place for her and i know her next goal is publisher.


Oye por fin! Estoy mejor! No mas de este dengue fiebre! YA! BASTA! I am finally better from dengue fever!! YAY! last night i had soo much energy that I didnt know what to do with myself! I can finally get back to my studies and service again. I am happy especially since we have the memorial right around the corner! Havnt had any experiences as I have been cooped up in the the house and 2 days and nights in the hospital with an iv hooked up to blood platletes went down soooo low to 57 and they are supposed to be at least at 150 or higher... my room mate cayli  and I almost got it at the same we were suffering together. But now Im good and so is she and we can get back to why we are here!